CCTV Cables

CCTV Cable is designed to use in close circuit camera system for safety and security management industries, Malls, Hospital, Shops, Roads and Offices.

Operation Temperature

Max. : 70°

Feature & Advantages

  Minimum loss in signal quality

  Higher bandwidth

  Low attenuation value

  Minimum structural return loss (SRL)

  Moisture proof

We offers CCTV cable which are specially designed to transmit complete video frequency with minimum distortion or attenuation. This cable is offered in two types namely 3+1 CCTV cable & 4 + 1 CCTv cable forms the carrier for video signal and other 4 core or 3 core forms the carrier for power. Technologically superior construction of Co-axial cable in CCTV cable ensures distortion free video signal. Our CCTV cables are truly tested for all parameters by computerised analyzer. CCTV cable with armouring can also be supplied on demand..

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